21st October 2012 MYsterioUS Circle capture UFO phenomena and a Star Gate Out doors


It is the 21st October 2012 a nice day outside to film, and what a surprise to see what appears in the clear blue sky. UFO phenomena appears in the sky and in the back garden and a parallel world gate, that reminds of a similar edge of the star gate, a doorway opening for other life forms to appear from it or return back in to, take a look at the images below in what appears, the realities of what occurs as seeing it as it happens without looking for it, this was unexpected.The gate appears where the trees are. The ring like shape to it was part invisible, and phenomenal energies of light beings came from it, the UFO phenomena in the sky happened just before the gateway appears. They moved unusual yet in sync to each other.And had a individual colour different to each other.

UFO Phenomena in Sky IMAGES:

 THE Gateway Appearing where the Trees are Images:



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