27th October 2012 MYsterioUS Circle has Unexpected ET Visitor

It is the afternoon of 27th October 2012, the sun is not fully out, it had been snowing and still some snow on the ground,During a busy afternoon Sylvia has been looking after her kids and had not long fed them, she had to go through the dining room to head to the kitchen to get some water in a jar, as she went in to the dining room, a ET of another Species was materialising in a amazing light, it's head was shaped like a diamond point on the top, the chin was pointed yet the teeth of it hard to describe kinda bricked out, the eyes pointed like slants like oriental eye shape more defined than that, the nose narrow yet not human or animal, this ET is a species different to other ET's Sylvia has seen, yet is similar in look to one she seen on the UFO craft back in April 2012 yet the colour was different. Due to Sylvia has not been sitting regular nor been communicating as regular with ET they are forcing there way in one way or the other to talk and be seen. Very recently people who have communicated with Sylvia on line, have heard the ET's taking over the communication she has had with other people, and it is important she gets back sitting soon as possible so they can continue working with her, one to help people who need healing or other guidance and to also bring in the other work they been wanting to share for a while. So there may be a chance Sylvia may sit this evening. The different species of ET have there own ways of communicating and appearing, they are not all the same whether it be appearance or how they live or do things, yet this is an important time of year the ET will be branching out on earth to seek further in to how earth people are becoming more on a level of evolving or not, those who are ready to evolve they will seek out.
Below are some images of the ET that appeared, it did affect the camera at times with its own power, Enjoy.




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