6th October 2012 Mysterious Circle speak at UK Probe Conference


part 1
 part 2 questions and Answers

It is the 6th October 2012, the day of UK probe conference, lots of people attended probe, there was stalls where you can buy things and there are speakers talking on all kinds of subjects,the speakers for the Saturday and Sunday are Janine Regan-Sinclair, Brian Allen  Neil Sanders, Chris and Sylvia howarth (mysterious circle), Gary H, Shirley Battie, Richard Lawrence, Valerie Walters. probe International took place at The YMCA in St Anne's Lancashire. Even though it has it's base on UFO and ET people also spoke about medium-ship, the dark messiah, Mind control, clairvoyants and channelling  proof about aliens, contacting ET's, Revelations by the gods from space, and true encounters of UFO with a lot of strange twists, it was a real good conference speakers shared with public.
Sam worked hard putting probe together and everyone appreciated all the hard work, effort he has organised getting the conference to be a great success and we thank him for making all this possible for everyone.

What did Sylvia of mysterious circle speak about at probe?

The topics Sylvia chosen to discus is:
Beyond physical medium-ship in light special talk on ET's (aliens) spirit, parallel worlds and dimensions including Time travel.
72 pictures was shown to public, each picture was talked about, and audio of ET speaking was also shared with public, 45 minutes of time it took to go through the lecture.
The Saved recording of the conference will be added to this post for you to look at and listen to, there will be a part 1 and a part 2, you will at first see Chris speak about his mediumship, then after Sylvia  and the part 2 of the 5 minutes of questions and answers public ask of Sylvia during the conference lecture, keep check on this post for the video's.



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