10th November 2012 MYsterioUS Circle Sitting

It is the 10th November 2012, in the evening, mysterious circle sit for a short time, different demonstrations in the sitting occurred, before being blind folded, and during blind fold, when Sylvia blind folded herself before the sitting began  she made sure everything was in place for the spirit team to work with, Art materials near by, pencils and other pastel colours, plain white paper on a round table near cabinet. before the table was placed near cabinet Sylvia spoke before being blind folded and worked the vortex whirl wind, her hands became active and spinning out of her the whirlwind appears and her body also is getting fully active, the doorways from other dimensions (planes) opened up, things can go in it, or out of it,Below in picture one a hand not of Sylvia appears 3 very long fingers and of another species, takes over, while Sylvia blind folded working colour on a piece of paper, that piece of paper de materializes and reappears through Sylvia at a speed. Before Sylvia got blind folded her head became at a speed actively looking it was being pushed back and forth at the exact same time to each other, yet the head that appears in front is coming in from another dimension at a speed out of Sylvia's  from the vortex  whirlwind. Some of the faces edging there way in, and different species hands appear and disappear at a rate.Solid matter becoming invisible and another form of energy being taken from solid to see through appearance not recognisable,  Below are some images, of what appears during the short sitting, whilst blind folded and not blind folded, images are not in any order.

Images: some images are the ether higher self of Sylvia, others are species from other dimensions, 



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