11th November 2012 MYsterioUS Circle Special Sitting


It is now the 11th November 2012 in the evening, a time to connect with other worlds, places, people etc.  from the other side, the ET communication is strong and there connection to bring in there transmissions to share in this world from there's is powerful tonight. Sylvia is sat in a single chair in the lounge, near the door, one camera is recording the sitting, as she sits with her eyes closed, she feels the cold presence around her before she drifts off further in to a altered state of consciousness. The connection is good with the ET and the  spirit world. Past , present and future are all linked in to the universe and what appears is not always known, whether it is recognised by the circle or not, it will be for some one in the world connected or not connected to the circle.Some times the future can be shown in rare forms, what is meant to be shared, working out it's purpose can be a challenge to understand if there is a reason behind it that needs to be addressed and not ignored. Many forms appeared in this sitting, Not all images have been posted up, Yet what comes in is clear to see, phenomena and the active presences that do there own thing that cross in to the world of earth, vibrations are never the exact same, sometimes it can be similar, yet depending on what plane (dimension) of existence levels something is at, it will have it's way of doing it's task or duty as we do ours here on earth.
Where ever realities are in a person's own mind or opinion, will make no difference in what is pursued, realities of any form of existence is real, no matter how you look on seeing it, it is there  in it's form of creation, it is where you are being taken to believe your reality to you is real. existence in any shape or form in any part of the universe has it's own hidden key to unlocking many secrets to knowing how all realities work, the channels in the universe all have a purpose to bring forth it's power to all individuals in any planet in the universe to be able to progress, evolve and open up to more hidden secrets that are at ones grasp to get an understanding a grip of. It is the knowing on how to tap in to these hidden wonders and bring it in your life to see and hear and learn from. Take a look below at the images of the sitting this evening.




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