13th November 2012 MYsterioUS Circle sitting with other worlds


It is the 13th November 2012, a dull day .... mysterious circle sit connecting with the ET and the other dimensions,the sitting was not a long sitting, it became disrupted unexpectedly, however for the short time the sitting took place the connection was a strong link. The atmosphere was mixed, yet the positive link in the circle had to be kept. Sylvia sat with her eyes closed, picking up the energies around her and working with it,to a point she did go in to a altered state of consciousness yet became back on her awareness again in a short time. connecting with any parallel world dimension is not easy, takes a lot of effort and energy on both sides of the fence. The link when in progress can be either sensed or not depending on how strong the connection is, sometimes it can be seen or not as it happens, the speed things move can be fast. there are Times it can be felt, and it can be scary depending on how a person can react to something they like or dis like. it has been difficult writing the post on the day of sitting even though the pictures was shown first, Sylvia had to write the post on 14th November 2012 as she felt more refreshed to do so.
When anything comes in from the past, present or future it can be sometimes difficult for the circle to say to public who they are if people, or even places from other worlds, if any details are given in this type of sitting it can be shared they will leave some clue or written message sometimes like the image below on bottom of post the words "UARY " "500?" some past sittings have had brought through symbols, codes or written messages, not all have been shared on the site yet one day they will be shared. sometimes no one is meant to know everything for any connection of past present or future, what is meant can be shared by those from other dimensions. There will be a day that in light not darkness, light, the public will see this type of sitting, and it will be an experience we hope they can never forget and enjoy. And the public will be able to check out the circle and any place we are at, to see we are honest in the sittings we do, we have nothing to hide. So till that day arrives, get ready to book this wonderful sitting that you will treasure for the rest of your life.

Images of sitting : 



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