1st November 2012 mysterious circle ET appears


It is the 1 st November 2012 the afternoon, Sylvia's day was not a good day so far, when things can go wrong, they can go wrong, all electrics was playing up when she touched them including her phone, the text was typing by itself with out her touching the keys, anything she wanted to type out herself it would not type it typed it's own thing, then the phone locked by itself twice the ET was fooling around to stop her using the phone, at this time the ET was not seen by eye, yet its energy was strong and felt, when Sylvia went downstairs towards the dining room then inside, the ET appeared, when she was using her camera, and she seen it face on, so the ET got close to the camera and looked towards it close, in the images below you will see the size of its eyes and head, this ET is like the one on the UFO in April 2012, it was tall over 6 foot tall, this ET does not like people getting upset with one another, and it is here today for that reason to stop trouble that it sensing, it will seek out any one on it's path to find, yes seeing an ET no matter how many times still gives a natural fear feeling, this one is a kind soul yet can appear scary. take a look at some of the images below of the ET.



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