20th November 2012 Mysterious Circle Spirit world Art and Doctors from other parallel Dimensions


it is the 20th November 2012, and a miserable day outside with heavy rain, so to pass the time away, sylvia began preparing for spirit art doing the art with her own awareness, taking time to put together a special picture that has been requested by some one. Normally when sylvia sits in a sitting for spirit world art, the spirit take over her she is deeply in trance awareness gone, and the circle leader or another sitter will get the opportunity when instructed by spirit, to blind fold her, and before blind folding her, to check the material for blind fold is not see through, and then it is tied on the mediums head covering eyes and other parts of face to show she is not the one drawing or doing any art. So today, Sylvia has one camera filming the demonstration for the art she is working on, during the time she is completely focused on her art, other things happen, yet it appeared on the camera, during the time she was working on the art she did glimpse things around her and felt things, she paid no attention much to it until after doing the art she is still working on, she checked the saved recording of the art and played it back, in the time she was doing art, doctors appeared and patients, during this time other things appeared from other dimensions to, places, rooms, people, not all images have been posted up, however there are  some very clear strong images that have come in from the other dimensions that are crossing over in to the world we live in. There will be a time public will get to sit this way with the circle to experience it for them self, those who are sceptic about how we sit yet have never sat with us will get a shock when other people will confirm one day how it was a great experience for them when they know they experienced it.




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