22nd November 2012 Mysterious Circle Parallel World Dimensions Crossing

It is the 22nd November 2012, the weather is not good outside, it is very wet with heavy rain and windy to, mysterious circle link with the other dimensions, the ET communicate and the atmosphere is combined, mixed with a heavy sense of Erie dull  presence. Sylvia is sat in a single chair, focusing on the presence around her, getting a sense of the atmosphere, whilst connecting,presences feel stronger so the sitting begins yet only lasts a short time. the power from the other dimension became too much to bare so, Sylvia shut it down the link.
what was captured during the short sitting was remarkable, the room was filled with all kinds of things from another dimension appearing and active, not all images have been posted up, some images can not be posted. the other dimension crossing in to our dimension shows place and other life forms coming in. Public who look at the images will wonder how this type of phenomena is occurring so clear, yet the speed and the vibration of other dimensions, those worlds in the universe and what crosses over on earth whether spirit, or other life forms, that walk amongst us, appear, Sometimes it can be like a puzzle working out what is going on, however the signs they can leave behind, any messages, codes, symbols or verbal communication can be meant for anyone, some times theses people or places coming in, may not be recognised by the circle, yet it can be for another outsider that can accept something they recognise in connection to them self, when any important message is given and received, it can be a very rewarding moment for who it is meant for. Take a look below at what appeared.



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