23rd November 2012 Mysterious Circle Sitting connecting with parallel dimensions

It is the 23rd November 2012 a sunny day outside, little bits of rain. It was not a planned day for anything to be doing for any kind of sitting yet a day of just see how things are see where the circle is being guided. It is a thought these recent days how our feelings our emotions as a individual can play an important part in our lives on how we treat others and ourselves, in the other worlds in other dimensions many planes of existence's are all at different levels to each other and it is important that any time connections made to past present or even future must be made with kind positive attitude, what your own mind stores can also play back in the subconscious even if you are not directly thinking of it, it can still be a memory that does not want to be forgotten yet it does not mean it can bring in good or bad from other dimensions it can be a time of caution when a person is sensitive with human emotion, not to take any risks linking with those from other dimensions also known as planes and the parallel worlds. Those moments that can happen on each day of a persons life can sometimes be not so good, and it is best advised avoiding stress and any form of situation that could cause the link with other dimensions to also bring in a similar vibration, yet this should not be seen as it can be smooth even if you feel good, sometimes others can want to link in make us aware of how they was or are in there world, it maybe how they live and feel at the time, yet it does not mean, they are the ones to avoid. History can be learnt from this, and it can be a special connection in taking in more from these chances when they arrive to get a better understanding on how something is or like, the connection that came in today was like being in a battle arrows and swords seen in the saved sitting recording, images below show how active this past connection comes through. The sitting did  not last a long time, it was not easy for the link to be kept, yet it was worth the few moments to share what happened, take a look below at the images.

it is important to remember all levels of dimensions whether low or high all have emotion based to it, some times you got to understand all levels to be able to progress and evolve, however it is also important to think personal responsibility and not to abuse what precious chance you have to connect with the universes souls of all forms of life whether deceased or living, whether it is a peice of the past present or future, use with extreme caution, it is not a game to mess with. 




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