26th November 2012 Mysterious Circle shares a message from ET


1st November 2012

When Sylvia was a young kid, ET shown her a lot of things about the future, that at that time was not in action, these inventions on earth will be in action and change man kind. The reality people know of there life as it is now will change, all houses, offices, streets, the way you do things, will all change, the whole planet will become another reality, and those new realities for example of images that have no sound, touch, taste or smell or a physical body, that are seen at this time as animations you watch on TV yet can be realistic virtual characters you know in that sense, will be able to be brought to life where a television will no longer be needed. This is going above a hologram world. Imagine shaking hands with a hologram, believing it is a real person, touching them as if solid as you,the dangers with this future that one day will be a holographic world in every aspect, your home,your work, your streets, where ever you go, your reality will no longer be your own control, it will be taken over, those new creations that are becoming living with brain tissues and other organ parts to give them a sense of reality of life will become a danger, life is a danger now, it will be worse in future, you may think it is good being in another location far away from your family and friends and be able to have your own hologram of you go home and be part of the family still while you are away working, the dangers are, this getting in the wrong hands, thieves can commit crimes from other locations using there own holograms,and detecting who did what in the early stages would be difficult to track, this yes to you right now will sound crazy, and it won't happen, the truth is it is already coming in to this reality, life is being altered each day, there are many scary things I could tell you about you would not want to know, yet proving what is real and what is not will make your awareness uncertain of what real will be to you any more, it is like now, your already going through the process of finding some things around you hard to detect the real from the unreal, the real things that are sometimes you think are unreal, the biggest key to what you will experience in future is, all your abilities will fade, those abilities for basic things will diminish  and what was simple and easy to do before, will become difficult to remember and do, governments or anyone who can access your life in new methods in future and using other capabilities that you do not yet have now, will be a turning point that you will not easily be able to get free from. Technology is becoming a powerful tool and weapon, and it can have a downside that it can bring down many in the world in a destruction. If you want to keep your reality and awareness, your choice will be to ignore the involvement of that new future if you can, or welcome it and experience the new future. ET are above hologram, they have methods of working differently that hologram is nothing knew to them, when it goes way above hologram, your talking a bigger scale of another reality that not even a hologram can produce,  What you wish to believe or not is your choice, yet the world is not going to stay as it is as you see it, those changes are already taking place, have been for a while yet the key has opened the door and it is letting in the world you may dread having. Holograms are limited at the moment in where it can stretch to in earth time, in the ET world it can stretch for billions of miles from there location to ours.

Food for thought, where man can see things as impossible, as time progresses the impossible becomes possible, anything can be achieved, and it can be in any world and any dimensions.


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