27th November 2012 Mysterious Circle and Parallel World dimensions

It is the 27th November 2012 the weather is mixed, a dull day, Sylvia sits and connects with the ET who bring in other parallel world dimensions, the atmosphere felt good, yet it has been a week of weathered rain that has not been the best to enjoy.
There are many era's in the past and future that are too many to even try to count, yet what era a person can be in whether lived it in a past life or a new form of life in a new type of era for future can also be of importance how one can be living even if never been there before, or not yet aware they will be doing it one day.
Things that have already been done and are part of a person's life from past connections are never forgotten, never erased easily, things can only be removed by those if it is meant to be removed.
The aura is a powerful tool, it not only stores our emotions of everyday life and what we did each day, it also has a higher importance one that can be open to others in other dimensions to link in to and view.
If you could go back in time your self or go to the future before it happens you would look at all things you could do to make changes you personally would want to make.
The future has a lot mapped out in place ready before it gets here for lots of people, yet if you knew your time was going to be up on earth, you would do anything to avoid it like the plague and want to alter your death date?
In other worlds in the universe and around us whether living or dead, all species have emotion and there own appearances and identities to one another, they all do things at different times and levels, they all dress different styles and era's to each other, speak different languages and can have different ways of travelling to other places or even parts of the universe by having different forms of technology to one another.
There are people on earth who will believe there is no existences of other life in the universe, there will be other people that will believe there is life in universe, there will always be opinions from all kinds of people what can be and what can not be, when having an opportunity to experience it can be done seeing other life from other worlds, it can be an eye opener, a change of heart in a positive sense just how much in this universe can be discovered and seen. There will always be good and bad in all living things no matter where it is in the universe, and those who are deceased will still be in the ether of spirit there own selves as before passing over.
Those from other worlds in universe or even spirit people who can bring in a message to a loved one can share what they know of there own experiences where they are now to who they can share it with, many communications of what can be given as well as visual can be a nice experience knowing anothers life from another place, sometimes language barriers can happen, they can speak in another language and you would want so much to know what is being said and when you can not understand a language it can be frustrating knowing what is being said, all that can be done is find other ways to try to understand one another. When you can see how others live it can be nice, there will be things that may not be nice, and not for you, yet it is important to know that each thing seen, must be noted and remembered because some things may not be on earth now, if it is from the future it will be here in the future. If it has died out like a dinosaur or anything you know is gone and is rare to ever see, it can be a nice moment to get the chance to see what it was like in the past when it was around.
The present is also important, what is going on now can be also seen as it is happening.
Everything is precious and should never be taken for granted, there is a lot to still discover and understand in the universe and outer, yet it will be something, that will be reached each step of the way, as time goes by.
Take a look at the images below of those that appeared from parallel dimension.




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