4th November 2012 MYsterioUS Circle Capture UFO phenomena in morning


Wow what a morning to wake up to, the parallel world dimensions are strong and active and the connection with other dimensions and ours are amazing, when things happen, and you do not know when or where it will happen, or even if on a time travel basis you do, it is great experiencing the moment while it happens, and what Sylvia woke to this morning very early before 7 am, was what your going to see in the images below,she took pictures and video with 3 different cameras at different intervals while grabbing the chance of each experience taking place, before any fog or mist came in to the atmosphere  the sky was clear, the atmosphere to, wonderful energies appeared then the moon became more than it was in the sky, 3 planets looking like they are lined up, yet the moon and white looking planet are clear to see than the third, a craft is clearly seen flying past it, no noise to it, yes it is a plane in appearance yet other UFO appeared coming out from the planets, things going on was happening fast yet in an amazing way what the parallel world dimensions and in how time of past present or future began connecting in the atmosphere at this amazing moment, it looks like it will be a good day to link in with other worlds places people and time itself, if the day goes good, this evening Sylvia will sit, and lets look forward to the experiences to come. Take a look at how some of the phenomena appears going beyond the moon and planets to.

Images of phenomena and UFO and craft: Not in any given order, the craft and ufo are from another dimension and the planets near the moon to, this took place outside



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