4th November 2012 MYsterious Circle Sitting transforming

it is the 4th November 2012 in the evening and the mysterious circle work the whirlwind vortex to activate it, to open the dimension of other worlds to enter, it spins fast from the mediums hands and any other part of her body, when it expands, things can go through it or out of it depending what direction it turns,, Sylvia's hair is not tied back on this sitting it is loose, the phenomena that builds either can de materialise her, partial de materialise her or it can just transform her and those on other side can be seen coming out of her, on her or around her, look at the images below of the transformations taking place whilst the whirlwind vortex is active, her face completely changes, her hands and arms become another's form, this sitting is not in red light it is in ordinary light.

Images of transforations:



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