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21st November 2012

Some of you will be aware of "The white Brotherhood" others may not, there was a book wrote back in 1920's called Man Made perfect, A series of teachings sent by The White Brotherhood through Mabel Beatty, C.B.E. This book recently came into mysterious circles life not fully read all book still reading, and in the book it explains a lot about how the mediumship is viewed in all forms, yet when it came to the section on materialisation and spirit photography plus direct voice it had some points in there, some spiritual people today may or may not want to accept or hear. Do Not take it personal, what is written.

page 142  Direct Voice:

The Direct Voice is, of course, most convincing, but there are again be very careful of this, as many desire to speak who would not speak wisely or truthfully, because they might be earth bound and very ignorant of our true life over here.
If your mind wishes to develop this, your mind must try to understand something of your own system of wireless, as we use this system on a higher level with human throats as the stations for giving of the proper touch of vibration.
You generate a kind of materializing ectoplasm, but something subtler; your throats have to be remodelled in a peculiar manner, which gives your voice an additional sounding-box, as it were, a double throat, as your brain describes it.

Page 143 Materialization:

Now, the mediumship which deals with the magnetic body is a mediumship requiring strict control and very careful discipline of the emotions and desires. It must be perfectly clear to your minds that
emanations from this magnetic body may be pure or impure, and strongly magnetic body may not always mean a good or moral body, so that if a person is evilly inclined then the materializations will not be of a higher order, and may even be of a very distinctly evil nature, giving use to the embodiment of astral entities evil, horrible  and dangerous. As a rule the higher spiritual entities do not allow themselves to be enmeshed into vehicles of psychic matter thrown off by mediums at the ordinary seance, so that materializations, though very useful for the ordinary practical  convincing
of the materialist or sceptic, are not regarded over here with any special interest since they lead nowhither at all.

Page 143 Spirit photography:

The medium for spirit photography is of a better type as a rule, because the emanation sent out is far finer and sub tler, and the spirit which impresses itself on the sensitive plate is usually of a better type of advancement over here. It is very useful to us, and is a very extraordinary thing. It will become a very important branch in the near future, as it is very convincing. It is not really a thing that you can set out to develop. Your make up possesses some quality or it does not; it is quite a different line of development. Sometimes Guides are very glad to have the opportunity of impressing their appearance in the aura of those whose auras are attached to their own vibrations. Sometimes evidence of a special kind is sent through where there is urgent need for it, but always beware of using this gift, which is very rare one, lightly or unworthily , or for financial advantage, or it will fail the medium in the end.
The lower forms of mediumship which are attracted  by the etheric body are very elemental in expression, such phenomena as rapping, throwing, snatching, table-moving, apports, and so forth; they are the out come of development more from the occult point of view because they bring a very elementary spirit entity into touch with the medium.
It cannot be helped very often, but where this mediumship becomes a nuisance help should be demanded by the individual by prayer, and if necessary by exorcism, for this mediumship is no good at all and must be discouraged at all cost.
There are other forms of mediumship employed by the occultist of the black orders which are of etheric and magnetic kinds because they use vile and bestial practices which make certain demands on the genitals and excretory organs, also infusions of blood are used; these are an abomination before god, and will lead to final destruction of all such dabblers.
[I asked here how a person could find out what was their special psychic faculty?]
We are very anxious to finish this instruction on medium-ship, so please continue writing, and we will make an answer on your question later.
These occult practices are in force even in the present time. We are all perfectly aware of these secret brother-hoods, the travesties of so-called inner wisdom, and we wish to make this definate statement clear to all such as read these pages that there will be a terrible destruction of all perverts, of all workers of black magic, of all those who cause the innocent to commit follies which will lead later on to their defilement.
God is not mocked nor desecrated.
he has an eye that never closes, and he will surely destroy all those who work filth or any kind of unnatural abominations.
Hence, ye unclean, forget not your God, but repent and wipe away your abominations from the face of His fair earth.

We will now answer your question. If a man desires to learn how to come in to touch with his own particular type of psychic faculty let him first try to find out how his mind turns best towards the higher attainment of perfection, for only real seekers should be aided in this. We do not wish to help those who desire mediumship for personal benefit or notoriety. The faculty will show itself quite unmistakably before he has trained himself in prayer and meditation very long, but of course in a school  of preparation which we wish yourselves to start , it will be shown to certain  who are already developed, and that will help the enquirer.

Mysterious Circle Message:
What you just read was some writings from the white brotherhood through Mabel beatty, C.B.E, in the generations of past people dealing with spirit how they had different outlooks to different forms of spiritual mediumship and healing etc, times are changing and advancing, however it does not mean, ignore any warning signs when developing for any kind of mediumship as the creator of all things will always be watching over your every move, and in your records of time history can be played back and shown to you or others, where you went wrong in your own life, it is important to remember treat others how you would like to be treated in return, causing chaos for others, only brings chaos in return to you. kindness brings kindness. Do good in your life and it shall be returned, some experiences in life can be unpleasant  yet it does not mean it was meant, yet it is a learning curve to help you understand what something is like by experience and how to teach or look after some one else in a similar situation you can relate to, be a guiding hand, not a person that ignores danger for another. Change for a better person not for the worst.



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