Spirit and reality what do you think-mysterious circle

11th november 2012 sitting

There are many questions people will ask about life, what is there in this world more than just being here?
Man has been evolving over the decades, some countries will be evolving differently to one another yet not always the same way, each individual person on earth, has an ability, a gift for something, and it is how that gift enables that individual to be where they are meant to be in there life to be doing.
If your meant to be a scientist you will be, if your meant to be a teacher you will be, the list goes on... in each person there is a stronger gift you all have, and that is the key to having the will power and determination and even faith or belief to focus on something and have it in your life if you want it bad enough. This key can also unlock the hidden controls in your brain/mind to bring in bigger things in reality that you may not be allowing yourself to tune in to. A persons brain is very advanced in how it functions and where knowledge comes in to it, yet it will decide what it can choose to agree on or not agree on in what it wants to accept or not in an agreement with anything going on with an individual in what it should or should not do.

The brain is a powerful tool that can remember things and it can tap in to things, yet what memories it stores, it has the power to play it back any time it wants. reality of your life is the same, where you go, what you do, what you see, what you decide to like or not, it is all there in front of you, no matter what your ability, you will know in your own mind that it is for you or not.
What you choose to see and decide is what you choose to believe is real or not, will give your senses of judgement the way forward for you, no one has the same realities as another, so many groups of people will agree on a reality happening , yet another group will not agree on that reality the others do, god exists to one group, god does not exist to another, so why do people have all kinds of battles of what is real to them or not?

evolving at different rates can cause a clash, those on one level will see that level of reality they focus on and do not want to cross the line. those on second level are another step up evolve seeing a reality slightly more advanced to level one, as the numbers go up, more of reality is seen such as for example,you can sit in a room one day and see that room as many times as you have always seen it before, yet going one step up in evolve higher to where you was before the perspective of the reality of how the room was before has changed and seen different to how you seen it many times before, it can appear like a new place altogether as though you never been in that room before, many changes constantly are taking place in the world yet where reality is heading, you may not be able to detect what is the real you once knew like before. Yet things in the atmosphere you may think your eyes do not see, is not there to you, yet it is there waiting for your eyes to decide whether it wants to be seen or not.

Everything exists, what you class as non existent, is down to you choosing whether to accept it is there or not, many who say it is not there even when they see it, are those who will have a long way to go, on progressing further in the evolve, and it is not about what you believe in or not, it is accepting what is there in front of you no matter where you are, is there whether it is connected to you or not, it exists.

when people who have once lived then died, who can easily be forgotten like they never happened, you can not deny, they existed in life, they still exist in death, there memories live on, what they enjoyed in life, what possessions they owned exist, some things are meaningful to those that remember them, those memories can also bring that person back in to reality, in how there memories are kept alive, and those who return as a spirit can be seen in  any conditions, darkness, light, any place any time, no seance is needed, those spirit have free will to appear, it is there choice, they can not be forced, when they are seen, they are real. personal experience is the best evidence any one can have in seeing a loved ones spirit, and when it happens, it is wonderful, and you never forget it. they can appear transparent, part transparent and looking solid.  They need no seance cabinet, they need no medium, they will do what they want, when they are ready.

Spirit can appear through any means, never let anyone tell you it is one way only, because it is not true,Personal experience in seeing them, is evidential more to you when you know you seen them.


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