18th December 2012 Live Sitting Beyond physical Mediumship parallel dimensions

It is the 18th December 2012 in the morning, Sylvia of mysterious circle has not sat for a while, and felt it would be a good idea to attempt to sit for parallel dimensions in the morning,the connection was not at it's greatest point for sitting yet what connection came in was seen live via blog TV by viewers who watched it, so the saved sitting has been uploaded and added to this post for those who missed it, to be able to watch it. Sylvia has been very highly sensitive to things all week, feeling other peoples emotions of all kinds, some times it affects her because she can not bare anything bad going on, when there are disharmony going on around people, it does not give her a reason to just go and sit, when connecting with spirit, ET and other life in other dimensions it can be over whelming at times because no one knows immediately who will appear and what kind of life forms whether living or dead is coming in to show them self, and yes all spirit, ET and other life forms have emotions of all kinds,the sitting did not last for Long yet what length of time it lasted things can be seen appearing and moving about, Sylvia body is highly sensitive it to was affected in the sitting, at times you will think the sitting was going to end on 2 occasions as Sylvia got up feeling the power around her, times she was going to just stop then she continues, everyone has there own opinion on seeing something, this type of sitting is rarely shown live and on the saved footage and posted up, make the best of looking at all video, pause it at times and look, when other worlds come in they are as real as our own, and there life continues on just as we do, enjoy.
Below are some still shot images from the sitting to get a closer look.

images below:



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