28th December 2012 MYsterioUS Circle Healing Sitting

it is the 28th December 2012, and mysterious circle sit for healing, this is a special sitting sending out healing to Maggie and others in the world, Chris sat with the circle this evening and also received a healing, the healing energy was strong coming through the vortex, the ether higher self of Sylvia was seen at times in the sitting and also other healers working through Sylvia  there also was trance communication through Sylvia and direct voice communication from ET and other spirit people also attempted to speak direct voice,a woman that came through trance could not speak by voice yet left her written message about her self her name veronica may Julian Jones passed away in 3rd march 1926 age 18 years old, a Graham finch took her life, nobody knew it was him, he never got caught her address was 22a Alabama house west Virginia state , she was killed in Boston USA, Graham had a hide out under ground in tunnel , she was not sure where.This was a detailed message from veronica including how she got killed. the sitting did not last long, part of the sitting that recorded is missing, yet most of beginning is still there. Take a look at some of the images below of the healing taking place with Chris, Maggie will be receiving directly in her home special healing from the spirit healers and ET.



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