2nd December 2012 Spirit World art that comes to Life

Sylvia Howarth Beyond Physical Medium In light  of MYsterioUS Circle

It has been a while since any spirit world art has been shown to public, however for those who know how the mysterious circle sit, do go through a process of making sure any guest sitters get to check the blind folds and the room, equipment, medium and anything else, and to show that  Sylvia the medium is being honest when sitting.
When Sylvia is very deep in a altered state of conciousness such as trance, her awareness is completely gone and the spirit artists who wish to do any spirit world art through the medium will bring in all kinds of art, some faces will be loved ones or it can be pets or places, a combination of things. Now for a matter of months spirit have been working hard with Sylvia bringing through art that comes to life, the original pictures are very special and have been charged special by the spirit and ET to be able to get this to happen, it may see to you now it can not be done, yet it is happening. The art that spirit choose for guest sitters are meant for the person it is for, it will have its special power to work for that individual only, those who are not meant to have the picture, the spirit art will have its reason to cause its own refusal to not be around those it was not meant to be with so it is important, you who reads this remembers that, as a picture to you may be just a picture, these art from spirit are powerful and are able to do things you would not believe possible.

Those who have already seen these art works from spirit are amazed by them.
Some Art is also done with mediums awareness when there is no sitting. yet not all art is the same artist, many that come through  during a sitting will have there own style, so you never know what will appear from one artist to the next. The art is not based on famous artists, it can be anyone from the other side, some times in the parallel world sittings art can be  completed from those in other dimensions, that  is a sensitive sitting.

Watch this site for the remarkable spirit art that comes to life very soon.

too see this special type of Spirit art face to face in a live sitting you need to book with the circle
contact details are on the site via Skype: mysterious circle  or email.



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