31st December 2012 HAppy New Year Eve Looking Back at the sittings mysterious circle


18th Jan 2011 (zorro)
6th Dec 2012 

Since mysterious circle decided to start posting the history of the sittings from 2011, so much has progressed since then, however the full history of Sylvia's life since child hood has never been shared on line, some history got destroyed,yet one day it will re appear we hope in the sittings how it was in the past.
People will always have a point of view on what they think is spirit or another life form, others may not believe anything is possible.
we believe anything is possible, the universe has many things within it yet to discover
back in 2011 when my dear friend popped through who we named "zorro" the man in the mask,zorro not his real name,will never be forgotten he is special and every now and then he makes an appearance.
There have been all kinds of people from the past, present and future that have come in to the circle sittings, some send in written messages in mid air, some show where they live or lived, others show how they passed over, others just appear whether known to any one or not just to say hello, the ET communicate and the spirit to, whether it is in trance communication or direct voice the messages come in, those who can not speak for reasons they may have either bring messages in mid air or write it down, the wonderful spirit world art the artists also do has been another avenue they like working with, the healing to that gets given to people who are in need of it, and not forgetting all the different ways spirit, et and other life forms have appeared whether directly over or out of sylvia body or they just appear.
Development in any circle never ends it always goes on, there will always be new things discovered, the parallel world dimensions is a wonderful connection that when anything comes in from anywhere in universe there is always something to see or hear that is not of our own understanding some can be quiet different and new, the circle is still getting some history of historical texts translated and it is not easy getting very rare texts translated for languages that have been spoken on earth ,yet other languages from other planets are different again.
currently the mysterious circle are writing a book, some is already written other parts are being added that is important to share with public who want to delve deeper in things they do not know about with Sylvia and the sittings of past, yet other serious subjects of important messages to be given from others in the universe. the book will be getting launched fingers crossed in 2013 so we will keep you all updated, and there will be more opportunities the circle will get involved with like seminars, conferences, workshops and more, there are no dates to give yet, will keep you updated when we know when and where. never doubt what is around you, there is so much around you to see, and when you see it appear, it may surprise you, yet it will be the truth looking back at you, letting you know they are here and always have been.

wishing everyone a wonderful new year 2013

all the best
mysterious circle


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