6th December 2012 MysterioUS Circle Parallel World Dimension Sitting


it is the 6th December 2012, in the morning, sylvia is not feeling too good in her self, illness is creeping up on her still. So for a very short time she sat in the small chair linking in to other dimensions to connect for a short while. It was a struggle linking, yet what link was coming in from another dimension came in quiet strong for that short time. The era was not immediately picked up on yet the link was coming in from a past connection possibly Tudor times. Not a lot can be said in what was happening, it was fast yet the images can be made out as an era of past.Sylvia sat most of time with her eyes shut, and only seen what she got in the sitting when she played back the saved sitting from her camera.
It is never a good idea to sit for any type of mediumship whilst ill or on bad days, it is better to have a comfortable sitting when the day is right.
Take a look below at some the images from other dimension that came in today.




  1. aouh! Fabulous! Well one Spirits, and Sylvia! From Maryse & John Locke


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