experience the other worlds in other dimensions with mysterious circle

15th October 2012 Parallel world dimension sitting

hi followers of mysterious circle the community and groups mysterious circle are running will be going through lots about other worlds in other dimensions and giving examples through pictures video live cam how the worlds are crossing in to ours at different vibrations, how past present and future also affect things this will be a subject that
I am sure you will get in to.plus direct communication from them  in other worlds crossing in to ours and more, those who would like to join in the group and community being put together and running now at this time,you can now join me at google plus MYsterious Circle Community, all you do is click link to join I will add you in.for face book page click here It is time to unlock a lot of secrets to other dimensions and give you the chance to experience this, if it is not for you, we respect your wishes.


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