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8th December 2013 MYsterioUS circle phenomena occurs in the dark

endofvid [starttext] 8th December 2013, whilst in pitch black dark conditions, night camera was on live,and this is what the camera picked up on Sylvia's hand whilst she was observing another medium doing a sitting. The dark hand is Sylvia, the white coming out of her hand is the spirit ether showing up different to what it would in natural light, though it was not just the hands that got affected it was the rest of the body to, she was not able to film all as this was not her night to sit, though felt sharing these images, will show you what can happen in the dark, Sylvia has in the past sat as a physical medium in complete darkness, though she had her reasons why it was not a regular thing, some people got scared of noises and what moved about in the dark and communications, this is more of the reasons now filming in the dark with any night camera that can pick up phenomena, spirit etc, should be used so it can show anything evident is going on phenomena wise all images are sho…