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27th January 2013 MYsterioUS Circle Working the Vortex


it is the 27th January 2013, it has been a while since the MYsterioUS Circle have had any time to link in and get the vortex in action, so this evening, Sylvia had to open up the vortex, and allow it to become active. Any time the vortex has not been put in to action for some time it can cause over accumulation of build up of what is stored with in it to want to emerge and appear, this can cause stress frustration, affect emotions within Sylvia  so it has been a very important time for her to allow it to open up and release the accumulation within.
Sylvia went live via webcam on blog tv, to show viewers what happens to her, the changes she goes through physically, and what can appear out the vortex,the ET worked hard,bringing in there phenomena and communication and spirit to,there are people in this world that will assume that what they see in these images are not real to them, either effects or some kinda of trickery, these are genuine pictures, the live sittin…