10th January 2013 MYsterioUS Circle contacting future with ET


It is the 10 th January 2013, a day of thinking rather than just doing,however it was an important time to listen to communication coming in from ET. It will be a important year to follow in regular communication from ET and spirit talking in direct voice. any important messages must not be ignored yet focused on. When ET have been communicating some times it can be difficult if the connection is not a strong connection, understand something s being given, there are times they will bring in visual to see of other dimensions, some times it can be warnings of events to come from future, or it may be something from past or present, it is important all is focused on because what is given is a need to check out or observe, some times spirit can communicate even if it is not another life form from another part of universe etc. So there will be times mysterious circle will be busy and focusing on what is being given and what to do next on any given instruction. When we can keep the site updated we will, it is important to people who are in to circle, you prepare your questions you would like to say to your loved ones or ET or any other communicator from another dimension, as any answers they can return back to you, will be in there own direct voice, the trance communication side yes may happen some times, we are aiming to keep the direct voice communication continuing and encouraged.Please keep showing your support to the circle because you will be glad you did when you experience. 




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