27th January 2013 MYsterioUS Circle Working the Vortex


it is the 27th January 2013, it has been a while since the MYsterioUS Circle have had any time to link in and get the vortex in action, so this evening, Sylvia had to open up the vortex, and allow it to become active. Any time the vortex has not been put in to action for some time it can cause over accumulation of build up of what is stored with in it to want to emerge and appear, this can cause stress frustration, affect emotions within Sylvia  so it has been a very important time for her to allow it to open up and release the accumulation within.
Sylvia went live via webcam on blog tv, to show viewers what happens to her, the changes she goes through physically, and what can appear out the vortex,the ET worked hard,bringing in there phenomena and communication and spirit to,there are people in this world that will assume that what they see in these images are not real to them, either effects or some kinda of trickery, these are genuine pictures, the live sitting to is genuine, people can have an opinion and open mind to what they wish to believe or disbelieve  personal responsibility is important in any kind of sitting, and it is important that when guests sit with the circle we as a circle will only allow so much to be shown in the sitting for safety reasons to Sylvia, it takes a lot out of her and it can affect her body.When some one sits in light of any kind rules still apply to sitters to respect what is going on and not to ignore anything that has been said to them whether from Sylvia, spirit or ET.
During the vortex being active some faces began to appear and Sylvia's structure changed,side of her shoulder a face appears solid yet not the face of Sylvia's ether, some of the ET hands appeared and some of the spirit hands appeared, yet the extent of length the fingers are and how many you will see in the images below.
It does not matter what light Sylvia sits in whether natural light or artificial light, this still happens.
she has sat in the dark before, yet it is not advised for her to do it due to the power that has happened in darkness can cause fear for guest sitters, and even though the light shows what goes on sitting that way, fear to some people can be still an issue depending on what people experience, it is not meant to cause fear, it is about what is being shared to sitters from the ET or spirit of them self from there world, where they are and how they look, some times they can look scary, depending on how the person has either passed away or it may be a species of another life form coming through how they look, the vortex was worked with building the connection strong by Sylvia playing music and getting the vortex to gain power to do more,some times her body can be used in active way that her body must be mobile or she can sit completely still and it will still get active and build power within it to bring out anything or take things with in it.

take a look below at the images:



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