6th January 2013 MYsterioUs Circle Live Sitting via Blog TV Beyond Physical Mediumship In Light

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpm-C2Sr2m0endofvid [starttext] It is the 6th January 2013, the mysterious circle sits live via cam for public to watch the sitting. The ET connection was strong,room became active, Sylvia could feel them just before she sat,she had a bad day previous and partly today, yet she knew there was more negativity to come from some people, she was warned, yet was still prompted that she had to still sit live for people to see, there will be people who believe and there will be people who dis believe, that is there choice, the parallel world dimensions are not you can imagine it as, those will see it as a double of some thing else and playing a role like you else where and yes that does happen, when the doors open from other places in the universe, things can appear 1 dimensional, 2 dimensional, 3 dimensional and so on,there is no limit to how many times you can think something can appear, people mistake these sittings, mysterious circle have emphasised many times this is "NOT PHYSICAL MEDIUMSHIP", it is beyond physical mediumship, it comes under another name which will be released in future to public, we have reasons in the now why we can not say anything, we sit and those who come in from other dimensions will make there effort to be seen and heard, we have been honest with public and we have had sitters at our circle sit, we have nothing to hide, ET took over a lot of things this evening whilst the sitting took place, and they are aware of the people who like causing trouble to hurt anyone they can, yet what crosses there path will in time catch up with them, this sitting is not about negativity and disharmony, it is a genuine honest circle sitting and sharing with the world, that other life forms and spirit do walk amongst people,spiritual or not, people should be warming to each other, getting along, no one is forcing anyone to accept something or not, if something is not for you, then keep well away from it, those who like something, keep with it, the world is nothing but negativity these days, and it needs positivity,nothing seems good enough to any body, You can create bitterness towards this circle, all it will do to you is, make your own soul bitter.



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