9th January 2012 MYsterioUS Circle UPdate


2nd December 2011 sitting

it is morning at present as I write this post so this evening the mysterious circle will be sitting,keep check of the site for the post. 

The other update is about how important the ET and spirit work is to the mysterious circle.
you will find there are different people who will sit for physical mediumship or sit in another way different to physical, Sylvia in her younger days from 8 years old, used to be seen as a physical medium that sat in natural light conditions. she was not put not  in a seance cabinet or used red light regular, however she did get a lot of trance communication, automatic writings from spirit plus phenomena happened in the home all time, she did not need to sit, spirits walked around the house they was heard by everyone in the house, some was seen and the kind of things that happened would send chills up any ones spine, Sylvia only had to put her foot on the stair to walk up stairs whether day time or night time and the foot steps from her mums room was heavy and loud walking, the light came on on its own and flashed regular it became a form of communication for those in the home to talk to the spirits on the stairs when they appeared there.Sylvia had regular visits, even when she was in her bed at night, the house's she lived in over the years was active, some times a person can think moving home it will stop, it never did, it was still happening. When spirit materialise they are not chained to any form of way to appear,they have the means to come and go as they please and it is not all about conditions having to be set for them, they will make big efforts to show them self or communicate only in physical circles only is wrong, they do not need to be stuck in dark conditions, they do not need to be stuck in any light conditions to appear, they will appear as they was in life on earth, they will be the same as they was in personality, looks and size,they will wear there own clothes,not be encased in a white substance,if they dressed all in white they will appear that way, most are seen wearing for there era that style of clothing, and there era will be what that last known to be living in.now any one reading this who sits in circles and says they have ectoplasm in a white form and all spirit appear in just this encased white, think again, faces may appear in the white yet do those face move what appear in the ectoplasm, do they speak, are they images or the spirit it self? a spirit will do what it can, not on command by anyone, if it had a bad attitude in the life it lived on earth before passing over, it will be that person in death, unless it wants to change.
there will be people who will want to dispute what I am saying, why would a spirit want to come through a medium with a ectoplasm of white and struggle in the development for years to appear that way? when most times they get seen regular in other locations without a medium in doors, out doors. this is not a dispute it is something to think about.and we are not running down any mediums who sit for physical mediumship.
what we want readers to know who read this, is there are things to consider in how spirit appear, and the reasons and capabilities they have for doing it.
there are things we have never shared or talked about on the site,yet will be adding it to the book that is being written. People may want evidence in a circle sitting for physical mediumship or another form of sitting, yet not all circles may be honest, the best form of evidence anyone can ever have and experience, is when a person witnesses seeing a spirit unexpectedly whether for first time or not, plus some times can hear there voice, when it is seen and an experience happens on a evidential level, that is the most valid part of knowing spirit exist, people can go to lots of sittings with different physical mediums, yet they need evidence there loved ones are there or they need to see and hear something that proves spirit do exist. not all circles can bring in evidence, and there are some who say they can, yet never deliver what they say they can deliver, it is important you keep an open mind on all circles, those who are not willing to even get there evidence some how shown so it can be verified whether it sitting in dark conditions and a night vision camera can record the sitting to show those materialised spirits are there, those rejecting it, may have something to hide, some may not, And those who sit in light same thing it all applies to.
We as a circle do not say to people to expect things, you have free will and can make up your own mind what you want to accept or not, over the years things changed, the development went from physical mediumship to another form of sitting,and it involves ET, ET have been with Sylvia from her child hood yet they are communicating with her a lot more than ever, and they do appear, ET are very advanced and they have the means to share things from other locations in the universe, and this is there way of turning our reality in to something more with there's, crossing in other dimensions, now parallel world dimensions may be seen as a double of you doing something some where else on a a planet that's the double of yours, yet it does not always mean it is that. When it involves another life forms world coming in to yours and is not a double of yours it can cross through your world and show up, any one from past present or future whether dead or alive can be brought in to your reality. some times you may recognise things, other times you may not, there may be things appear they may not have been invented yet, and it is briefly being shared to those it sharing it with, the past can be like a playback reminding those of how the past was before you may have been born, the present day can be about tracking things going on and can be a key thing to stop something going wrong if meant to be stopped, if not meant to be stopped you may get clues on the cause of what happened and what to do about it if your meant to, your question to that would be why share it if you can not stop it? people can try stopping bad things happen yet it is those you go to if they will listen and help it be stopped, the present day can be shown as proving things that is going on that may not be easy in the normal to prove.

Physical mediums all develop at different rates and can have spirit appear in there sittings,however it is those who have the gift that can, there are those who may not have a gift to develop this way that can sit and sit and sit nothing may never happen yet it does not mean that medium will never get anything, may be they are meant to be doing something else on a form of sitting or they are not meant to develop.

You all have gifts in this life, you all have abilities, what ever your meant to be doing it will be meant for you, some will be meant to be professor mathematicians others who would for example like to do that may not be meant to be one even if they try studying it, your either good at maths or your not and the same applies with any subject given in this world for anything else.

What is very wrong in this world right now is, when those who can or may not be good at something can get treated bad by others,either because they can do it or they can not do it on any given subject. however it is not good putting some one down or bad mouthing those people even if they are trying to do good in what they do, creating problems for others only ends up creating problems for those doing the wrongs to others.
It is not good to block another persons path, think of your self before you do it to someone, would you want some one to do it to you?
life is a learning curve, everyone is learning something new everyday, it never ends, however everyone in this world is entitled to learn and explore things and give it a go, blocking them from good intentions, is wrong.

 why have we said theses things, because there are very strong concerns about the people in the world, many are good people, many are bad people, yet there is too much negativity and disharmony being put on each others path and that is not doing the world any good, people need to get a long, look out for each other and what is missing most is love, support, and encouragement, why do people look for the worst in things not the good in things? treat others how you want to be treated, if you do not, others will do it back to you in ways you may not like.

That is our update for this morning

MYsterioUS Circle



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