ET Communication in there own Direct Voice 8th January 2012 Mysterious Circle
it is the early afternoon of 8th January 2012, and Sylvia was not sure whether to sit or do something else, yet she thought it would be a good idea to log on her blogtv/people/spiritc4u before she logged on, the ET started to communicate with her before hand, so she asked them would it be a good idea going on the blogtv and they communicate with her, they agreed, during this communication, lots was discussed, questions asked, and they answered in there own language take a look at the saved footage,and before I forget something strange happened, Sylvia forgot to un mute her microphone at the beginning of the communication with et, realised nearly half way through conversation, got up  un muted it, told viewers what happened and apologised and back tracked questions she asked et and asked them to answer, when after all communication had ended and she played back the communication, all the voice from start to finish was there, yet by rights it should not of been, take a listen to what ET had to say in there own language.
Having to update this post, since playing back the saved footage, a friend spotted a face poking just near Sylvia's knee, now the arm chair has a cover on it now where the white parts of the cover is towards the stool/cabinet side, a face is in the chair arm, what you may think is the cover, turns out to be et, it face moves, the expressions on its face to, its eyes go large and small the mouth is moving it is talking, when Sylvia is in the chair and out of the chair, what the face how it gets scared at one point as though it may think it will get sat on or something else, now the friend felt the height of this et could be about 2.5 foot even though the chair cover is a chair cover, the et is in there, re watch the video pause and look, some still shot images also below.




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