14th February 2013 MYsterioUS Circle Species and future


What are the possibilities of ever meeting with a species like no other and adjusting to it's way of thinking and doing? what can seem a distance away in the future can also be the moment of the now of what can be is the key.
denial of other life forms in other dimensions whether it is in a history of past or something going on in the present, yet taking it to another level there are dimensions of greater value that are far reachable in the now as any one would say or predict yet it does not mean it can not be reached, the future of dimensions are advanced stages of what is yet to arrive that in terms of any given science could say future is not written yet, we do not know exactly what it will be like or not, yet if it is acceptable now would it be a greater thing to look in to whilst the opportunity is there or leave it alone and wait? even if those accessed it will there be danger in going in to it? could those who got in future change it or alter parts of it or just communicate with those they meet in future before it has been written/ is it a possible reality or does one see this as an unreal point that no one can cross ever?

what if the future visits you?
there are very high advanced species of many different life forms in the inner and outer universe and as well as other parallel dimensions, worlds people etc. those twin look alike that are mainly based on your ether do extend to other levels in existences yet there are other points in the parallel zones that can cross in to your own that are not a twin it is something else, and it can be a marvellous point of seeing other life whether it is deceased or living coming through.
The higher a species is it does not mean it is the best it can be a key source to where it can lead you on to an advancement of learning a different knowledge or experience from another species life style.

Below are some images of some species of a advanced level that like ET have the means to come from future or the now.
these beings which I do not like to call beings, are special.

meeting anything of another species whether it is living or even dead can be an over whelming experience yet dealing with them correctly in how you meet and greet each other for the first time is just as important than panicking over the shock of it all.

we the circle get asked questions how do we get connected to all these different dimensions? how do you see them/ how do you close off/ the questions are on going, the answers we can not always give, for different reasons.

yet it is importanyt how man kind looks at life it self, what you see now with your own eyes around you you are choosing to see that point of what you see, whether it is a family member, a friend you may be so connected and tuned in to your favourite foods and TV programmes you look forward to experiencing more of that reality, now if you change a few things and do not allow others to take every bit of your time up in a day focusing on what they want you to see, you would be surprised what you can allow yourself to experience in tuning in with the dimensions of other realities around you, they do exist, anything you assume is not with you, is with you. those in other dimensions walk where you walk, share similar or same facilities or space, tuning in to them though may seem easy, it is not, it takes time, it took you how many years to tune in to your reallity of now when you became in existence on earth as a baby adjusting to the conditions around you, and the same applies tuning in to other realities, if you choose to be stuck where you are at and do not want to evolve any further, that is your choice, the powers around are huge and it is not to be meddled with there are hidden dangers and how you handle each dimension around you, those who are here are not the imagination of the mind, it is the reality of what is and shall never be ridden of.

Some people can become an important soul when in the higher dimensions whether deceased or the ether has a duty to do with the living. the ether can be as it is the resemblance of you as you, though going beyond the ether again, are many hidden gems how your soul can also become of many great things.

take a look below at the ET species for the 14th February  2013 and the ET of another species that appeared on the 8th February  2013


Below are 3 images of an ET that appeared on the 8th February 2013, this ET is not a grey even though you may think it is similar in appearance, this is a different species of extraterrestrial. this ones eyes is dark and large, this ET did poke sylvia in the forehead during the dimension sitting. it arm and fingers was very long.



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