17th February 2013 Mysterious circle direct communication from ET

8th February 2013 Dimension sitting ET touching Sylvia's forehead,this ET is a very big ET

it is the 17th february 2013,and even though it has not been a planned evening for anything, the ET made them self known to Sylvia and brought in there communication,and also a man who speaks English  this man says "can you hear me" not sure who this man is yet, will find out soon enough. This communication came in by force, Sylvia has not been able to speak to the ET every day this week as she would normally do, it has been a time that by force the ET want to communicate further, there language is of there own language however the odd occasion some one will speak English whether connected to another dimension or translation. This communication is very clear from them , and felt it important to add to the post this evening.
ET do exist they are in the universe and want to make regular contact. Take a listen below to some of the ET communication that came in tonight.
ET Communication:

between 2:43 -2:46 man voice says can you hear me.


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