20th February 2013 MYsterioUS Circle unexpected day out

it is the 21st February 2013,the day seems quiet however an unexpected  invitation came up out the blue to go out, the kids Sylvia and Chris   got ready and headed off out, they did not know straight away where they was going,yet  it was suggested to go for a meal first then to a abbey. the abbey pictures I will add here later.Now while out something caught Sylvia's eye, she got her camera took some pictures of the sky and other scenery as well as the abbey, some pictures was out in the middle of nowhere a country view,take a look below what she got showing in the sky and on the ground to, a circle is shown in the ground at a distance and a formation of something on the right appears, something strange was going on with the sky, now when Sylvia took this picture what your about to see, all her battery drained from the camera,she is grateful she got this very clear, pity it was not on video, the camera went dead. the abbey they visited is called shap abbey heading in Cumbria.

formation in sky and on the ground. image below:

Shap Abbey images: lovely place to visit,will need to go back there and do a special link up and bring in those from other dimensions connected to this place.



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