8th February 2013 MYsterioUS Circle special dimension sitting live

it is the 8th February 2013, the morning, and mysterious circle sit for a very special live broadcast sitting,the sitting was in a slightly different way, where a table had prepared on it, a black bin liner covering the table, 7 candles, a small black scrying mirror and some very special symbols that can not yet be revealed.

the candles was lit, now before Sylvia sat in the chair the room became active it was building up, she spoke outwardly to the other dimensions encouraging them to come through, she closed the curtains so that the sitting could be as private as possible,she turned off all phones, one phone was taken out the room yet later was heard in the sitting ringing,yet at that time Sylvia had to ignore it best as she could.viewers who was watching this sitting live on blog tv was made aware that rather than Sylvia go in to a deep trance, she wanted to work with the dimensions awake, it yes can be uncomfortable for her having her own awareness around as she can some times feel what is happening to her.Sylvia spoke as much as she could encouraging those from other dimensions even ether of people from planet earth as well as from other places in the universe to come forward and appear or communicate, the candles flames became actively moving when the presence of the dimensions opening up and appearing was going near the table or around room or to sylvia, the room at times got colder especially on Sylvia legs and upper body, all doors and windows was closed there was no known drafts coming in on an explainable level.The connection was getting stronger and even though the activity was moving about fast, there was faces coming through and something that looked like woods of trees? at times where Sylvia was in chair you can see heads in the chair with her or even away from her,she still needs to study to saved sitting and look for any clues where this dimension is from and any other signs, for now play the video and also look at the still images below.Before anyone says is this black magic or devil worship, it is not.




  1. Your work is important. Thank you for sharing it with me.


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