10th March 2013 MYsterioUS Circle Special Healing Sitting

 It is the 10th March 2013, an evening of healing with guest sitters bob,jason and chris,the sitting is broadcasting live on blog tv,for viewers to see. Dr Jones finds conditions in Chris and  Jason and tells them what is wrong,describing what is there,kutumba works on bob working his healing through his body and nerves a full healing was not completed oin the sitting, all sitters was told they will get visits from spirit doctors and healers when they are a sleep in bed, take a look a t the video, of the sitting,some pictures below also, karla will also be getting a healing whilst she sleeps at night.

appearing at side of chris head towards a curtain, a spirit face looking at sylvia,whilst the healing taking place,Dr jones chris is told that he has problems with his lungs and chest and blockges it not good

appearing to one side of sylvias head where her hair is on left the face appears during the healing taking place on chris, Dr Jones

Dr Jones Healing Jsons back, he also tells Jason of his back having a lump plus part of his spine not been spotted by earth doctors the danger of it locking up

Jason getting a healing

Bob getting a healing from kutumba through his body and on the nerves

spirit world art taking place,bob sits close by to witness the art

spirit world art from maurice of samuel for bob




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