5th April 2013 MYsterioUS Circle What is spirit?


23rd November 2012

at some point of a person's life, a personal experience with a spirit or any other kind of phenomena can occur unexpectedly,there has been over a period of time all kinds of different spirit people seen from different era's how a person is described to being either wearing old fashioned clothes or clothes of modern era. it is not just people that can be seen,there has been animals, plus material things such as cars and unexplainable houses that are seen plus viewed and even entered in to yet, the house or car can be gone in a short space of time,some people have returned to a place to revisit a house and it does not exist yet it existed in the past.similar to the story of the borley rectory hall,a place that was solid in appearence and the people to that live with  in that place yet look as real as anyone else yet are spirit, walking around communicating and living a life style they are familiar with yet that place was seen as a spiritual phenomenal experience and that place no longer existed yet was believed to be in existence at time of experiencing the phenomena yet the history of that place was it burnt down to the ground and those who lived there also perished, when spirit is experienced to be seen,they are of ether not of physical body, though can some times be mistaken as a complete solid human form. some times history may seen like it is repeating itself being shown for different reasons, and al though it is a valid real place that still exists though may not be seen all the time as you see your familiar reality where you are, it does not change the fact that those in the past or of present or future can still come back. It should not be judged or criticized the personal experience which is being or has been experienced yet you should look at the differences in comparison to what is the spirit as a whole. It is not a need of importance for a spirit to rely on or need another person's body to be used as a vessel for being seen or heard it has it's free will and it has it's means to do as it will when it wants's to, spirit is just a phrase i am using at this time because you are familiar with that word, spirit though prefer to be addressed by there name once they are in the presence of others to either communicate or not and let you know if they want you to know there name or any other information. nothing can be forced or gained from them very easy unless they want things to be easy. You can not chain a spirit or make it do something it wishes it does not want to do, you can not command them up or move them on,it is there choice when they go, you can not expect every spirit to be perfect in appearence, communication,manner etc as that spirit is it's own character as it was in life,it is not an entity,it is still a person or an animal etc that existed here on earth, still exists yet on another level.Spirit do make them self known and it can be when you least expect it,there is no time scale when where and how it will happen,be grateful for what length of time you do get to see one or hear one that it is an evidential moment to be able to witness it for your own self, personal experience is the most evidential of all, and it is something you will never forget.



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