6th April 2013 MYsterioUS Circle special Healing Sitting for Bill

It is the 6th April 2013 MYsterioUS Circle special Healing Sitting for Bill, this healing being given to bill is to help him with his health and to clear the blocks that has been building up with in him, spirit healing team could not do a full healing on him in the room,as the biggest healing work has to be done in his sleep, the process began in this session to prepare him,the vortex opened up and changes seen taking place from Sylvia's hand as the healing work is in progress, Dr Jones communicated and Tommy and there was also mention of bill's wife will also receive a healing in her sleep,Dr Jone's instructed what was important to drink water before going to bed and also when awake in the morning before having anything else consumed in the body, the healing will take place every evening for a full week this will be for both people, bill confirmed that Dr Jones went straight to the body parts the troubles are and also spoke about what is wrong. take a look below at some of the still images of the healing sitting below.




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