MYsterioUS Circle Healing News about a guest

25th Feb 2013 Healing sitting

want to share something with you that has been brought to the mysterious circles attention however till written proof is shown that it is what we have been told about a guest sitter who received a healing and had cancer,till we get the confirmation in writing from the professional doctors who was going to carry out an operation then cancelled it due to a scan shown the cancer had gone, and they are baffled by how,this will be shown and posted as an update when we receive this,as we find it important that any healing being given to any body, we will not say a person is cured or can be, yet we know healing can be a good alternative medicine to help a person when all hope is lost with professional doctors to save a person's life, when we get it in writing that a healing has helped a person on a terminal illness and shows the person is clear or in remission it is important that part is proven evidential for the circle and public to be able to accept fully that it has helped this person greatly,so till we get the confirmation we are waiting for by this person, we will share what we are able to by permission from them to show the evidence is real and this person is on the mend. The operation was to take place on 10th April  2013,and this person was all gowned up ready to go for anaesthetic as a precaution the medical team wanted to check for any changes in this person's health whether it progressed on or not and to be sure the operation was to be in the location of the body already noted. And what surprised the medical team even more as this person was told, there is no easy explanation to how this has happened the cancer is clear, yet on top of finding out the cancer is clear, this person has good news further, pregnancy is on the cards to. soon as we get confirmation  this post will be updated with more.


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