18th May 2013 MYsterioUS Circle Break Through

it is the 18th May 2013 a day of busy times, Sylvia has been working hard on different types of art,however this day was something that was not to be an expected surprise. whilst Sylvia was busy doing art plus being mum,she was cutting out shapes from paper,now you are familiar already on static electricity, on how it can cling to materials of different kinds and if on a high point it can cause a spark and if you touch some one a shock can be felt. Now the big question mark is has science or any form of chemistry even know of this to be possible? Sylvia had an urge to stop working on the art once she felt this paper cling to her hand, so she experimented with telekinesis and also seeing whilst static electricity can cling to things how about seeing if willing the paper stuck to her skin could move it with her mind,yes she did some attempts and yes it moved,now in the earlier part of Sylvia's life she has seen things move, sometimes on a bigger scale like big things that are harder to move yet did not allow her self to speak of this much to anybody. any how whilst testing out the static electricity something else happened,now all things has to be ruled out for other explanations before you can say it is a phenomena of whatever kind, whilst Sylvia was experiencing the static electricity and the magnetic field from this also the blank paper began to show up images like life,it was like looking around your self and seeing your life or watching a film and this static electric was bringing in a dimension that of visual and alive appearing not just with the paper it also began to appear on the skin of Sylvia,it may sound crazy to some people and yes everyone has an opinion on this,yet the electric force of static is another doorway that is reacting in the atmosphere that has it's good and bad points to it,yet it has something more deeper than science may not of hit on,that is working with the properties in the elements around you that affect the electric charge to trigger the force to be felt which people have always know as just a spark felt or seen that way, when a spark becomes something more and I do not mean fire,it becomes a visual world of things to see,this should not be ignored, so this breakthrough is very important, and we felt to share it in the post,take a look below at some of the images, not all images have been posted.

Images: Static  electricity,telekinisis that turns in to visual phenomena of live dimension worlds appearing on finger and hands on the skin as well as paper.

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