22nd May 2013 MYsterioUS Circle and the others for future


It is the evening of 22nd May 2013,MYsterioUS Circle special connecting with the others,from dimensions,it has been a good week so far and busy,so it has come to a time to prepare for new beginnings on the way yet to be revealed later,the others as so far being acknowledged as for now come to help and guide MYsterioUS Circle with the new developments.the future is something that can b e questioned as can it be possible that it can come in to another time and place and be here before it occurs? Yet future is something of rare forms that if acceptable to be allowed to know anything before it happens can be seen or heard or even sensed,What you see here in the images below are the capabilities of what surrounds in dimensions of different kinds how it can become in a zone different of it's own showing up as those to worlds or places or people etc can be on different levels of vibration crossing in with each other at the same time yet the frequency has to be just right for balance to be able to get a connection to be recognised or noticed in it's strength whether weak or strong to become greater.times can be easy for others to come through yet your own dimension can also appear in others worlds and be seen there to, so for example you could be sitting a seance tuning in asking for a spirit to communicate you may or may not get a response at your end yet,those on the other dimension level to yourself could also be sitting trying to get a communication to be received from you so they can communicate, it does not always mean you are talking with spirit, you can b talking with other living souls in the other dimensions whether it is either linked to universe other planets or in your own dimension zone,take away the things you wish to eliminate those things you feel you think on using as a form of instant explanations, keeping an open mind yes is important, yet think about how a living soul not deceased can be mistaken for a spirit when it is out of the body for a short time it could be on a astral travel or appearing in your dimension walking around yet similar to a bi location can be seen by some one and even though your body is at your home for example you can be mistaken for being seen as being in another place and even another time where the spirit can be either mistaken as a deceased person, or living yet bi location if not deceased. how do you deal with that? for those in other dimensions the possibilities are not just possible it is possible for those to bring forth and communicate or bring there visual self through to ours here in the dimension your familiar with, this is not a virtual reality, this is a reality,the kind that part of your brain does not regularly see on a daily basis as that part of the brain is switched off most times, switch it on, you will see those many different dimensions of reality around you.

what is taking place here below in the images you see, is those coming in are charging up and preparing the new work to come through means of there advancements than to ours in this dimension, the advancements are needed to bring forth through the developments of the gateway of portals to open up like being in another brand new chapter of progression to begin. Prepare for the new coming where a whole new experience is on the way and it will be shared soon.



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