2nd May 2013 MYsterioUS Circle Connect with Dimensions outside


It is the 2nd May 2013,a lovely sunny day outside, the sky is blue and it is a time to take a look at the views around and enjoy the day. MYsterioUs Circle took some time watching nature seeing the sheep and baby lambs in the fields and spent some time near a river, during the time of enjoying the scene around, and began to focus on linking in with the atmosphere around, cameras was placed on a stand and at times the connection being drawn was coming in clear,it was a good opportunity to look around and film the connection from a dimension coming in,below are some still shots of a futuristic looking thing, not sure what to call it,that came in,it had a active appearence,the black visor or what appears like a visor at top had a movement going across it at times, plus what happened numbers and letters came through in the head part plus lower down,will add more to this post,for now take a look at the images .




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