7th May 2013 MYsterioUS Circle Messages,teleportation time travel

It is the 7th May 2013,it has been a very interesting day of the unexpected kind,from early morning through out the day,things just seemed to happen,when your not looking for it, it can cross your path,this morning it started off with letters and numbers being given,when you can think of things and you ask even questions it does get picked up in the atmosphere, and when you go up high also in a climate high up all voices of people and cars and other sounds can be heard from great heights, it doe's not mean when your low on ground level and you talk at a low level, that your voice can not be heard else where, it can.
Later today in the afternoon it was sunny and nice so it was a good time to go out in the car. the car ended up parked up in a car park and other cars was also around. when you mind your own business chilling out doing your own thing whether gaze at a scene or maybe do something it does give a person on the unaware s that things you can not ever seem a possibility can be. whilst out side the encounter happened in natural day time hours,one that will not be forgotten,would you find this a surprise sitting out in your car or on a wall some where or even walking around and you bump in to your own self or see your self on this level of reality and existence? how would you feel and how would you react? This was a surprise this happened today,and the other was in a different car and waved back at me,this will be hard for some people to believe and accept,yet when you experience it for your self it is a different thing to react on. There are levels of dimensions other realities other places worlds and more going on in this world and the universe,and it should not be ignored or taken for granted, what you think and give out each day creates a situation that on this level of existence where you are at in this moment of reality there is another reality interlinking with your thoughts and feelings, it will replicate your actions and even though you may think you have changed your mind to put a bad event in to a correction to either apologise or not carry it through, it can still carry on through from this other reality that picks up in this same  level of reality you are in. This is a form of  time travel and even seen as teleoprtation,the ether is a sensitive spirit that you as an individual carry and with this it can give the good or the bad around your life,if you choose to be all the time negative and having bad attitude your bad attitude and emotion carries like a echo, and that ether of you that seems multiple can create a shift that bounces and that pattern that is picked up draws back on to the point of what you are each day of the week bringing in the bad or the good, most times people think negative, and that negative feeds more of the things you do not want in your life to happen, to happen more than the good because you have trained your self to gloom on those negative things most of the time than think good, so  when you notice bad things happen more than good, this is why.

take a look below at the image of what came in today posting just one up for now.
This can also be a future being shown or it could even be in another dimension some where else yet it is showing in our reality at this level on earth, why see your self in this way? is it for a reason?,and it can be seen as a premonition that is in action connected for a future event or present moments about to happen not happened yet, if this is the case,which ever way it is meant it is something bigger that people do need to pay attention to,your life is precious, do not waste it or abuse it, treat others how you want to be treated,and be careful what you wish for, you may just get it.Teleportation is being transported from one place to another,some people have been seen in many places at same time as like bi location,yet this is different again,time travel is going to different points of existence either past to re see it or future to see what is arriving before it arrives yet it does not mean it has not been already it has or it has not yet it is about to.




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