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10th June 2013 MYsterioUS Circle the portals of Time

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Your probably wondering what is going on with the mysterious circle, about the regular updates on the site,and what is going on. today is the 10th March 2013 a day to reflect and catch up on a few things about giving you some in put on the mysterious circle,lots has been going on it has been busy times preparing for the way ahead the new beginnings to come, patience is a virtue yet it will be worth it's weight in gold or more that the big break through's that are coming through will at some stage be spoke of here on the site. it is positive times yet a crucial one to keep on going forward with the dedication of aiming for the moment to show more on what has been achieved so far. You will already be aware of the phenomena that occurred with the finger and the visual side what appeared during a demonstration of telekinesis then the moment static electricity happened,things are progressing, soon you will be getting a chance later on in the year when or if th…