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MYsterioUS Circle Bolton Castle return 11th July 2013

endofvid [starttext] 11th July 2013 Bolton castle return visit,This post is very late being added, so MYsterioUS Circle apologise for this delay,since our previous visit to Bolton castle, we thought it would be a good idea to return there alone so the filming did not get disrupted,got some great captures in the Bolton castle and thought it would be nice to add this post to let you see just how active that castle is,the hotspots for dimensions was very strong and it shows plus the signs of the spirit to in different rooms,the babies crib got a lot of activity around it,now not just that others appear other parts of the castle, take a look at what we got times the camera was affected with the strength of the spirit. the first picture shows 2 chairs and a armour suite,in a chair the spirit energy is showing,lots of activity is in this castle, some rooms seem stronger than others and certain spots you walk in, for each room will pick up phenomena,it is a place that has many dime…

22nd July 2013 MYsterioUS Circle Update

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22nd July 2013, It has been a while since the mysterious circle have updated this site with news,your probably wondering what is going on and why there has not been any posts or communication about any sittings, it has been some time the mysterious circle has had a moment to focus and sit due to other reasons,you can see it as a part break yet it is not a full break there has been developments on working on something special that will be part of something that will be shared soon,some times the mysterious circle can not always post some things up on here till we know it is all right to, will keep you updated because soon we will be in full swing back and sitting, at the moment preparing things getting it all ready for the return.