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23rd August 2013 MYsterioUS Circle Special Event Coming for 2014

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It is now the 23rd August 2013, it has been some time thinking about doing a special live event for people to see face to face in person of a very special demonstration with many surprises within it, what mysterious circle would like is feed back on who would like to attend it, before full arrangements go ahead to make this possible on a positive level. Many spiritual people hold something different times of the year however MYsterioUS Circle want to do something different, and give the public something to remember. Please leave your comments here,and if enough people are on the list to want to attend, mysterious circle can plan ahead for this special. will keep you updated on the progression.
thank you
MYsterioUS Circle

21st August 2013 MYsterioUS circle special work continues

endofvid [starttext ] It is now the 21st August 2013,MYsterioUS Circle are  still continuing on with the special work with spirit,ET and the other dimensions, the visits face to face are getting more regular and the connection is getting stronger, there are days it can appear weaker,however this is a very special connection that goes above all forms of physical mediumship that people are familiar with. there will be people here on earth that will dispute these words of physical mediumship,even though mysterious circle have addressed on many occasions this is not the same as physical mediumship as you know of past physical mediums who sit with ectoplasm, this has evolved in to a greater higher power, all spirit,all other life forms around the universe have no need to be stuck in one place, they all have free will to go on with there own life as they would have in living or even as in death,the spirit never dies, the other dimensions whether of souls connected to your ether or not conn…

18th August 2013 MYsterioUS Circle Update

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It is now the 18th August 2013 early in the morning, just doing a quick update, there will be more experiments on the way, the first is to continue helping the public see spirit and other dimensions etc. face to face, so that is going to continue on, second is working with the static phenomena where it brings visual and possibly sound appearing on Sylvia skin just  like it did on her finger when other dimensions was being shown through and also we want to experiment further with the time travel through building picking up the history,still working further with all special work that includes face to face yet the most newest of all is the bringing the dead back to life, that is a very sensitive subject, this will have to be carefully worked with, and no it is not Frankenstein and no we will not look for dead people. the experiment will be short to see if it happens again and with a dead insect and it will be left for a long time as we found it so we know it is dead…

15th August 2013 MYsterioUS Circle Brings a dead Butterfly Back To life

Part1 Video Here:

Part 2 Video: Below

Do you believe in the words miracle and that they can happen? sylvia of mysterious circle has news to share with you, and it is a true genuine one,and god be her witness to what is about to be shared,it has happened and witnesses have seen this happen. On the 7th August 2013 sylvia's kids was playing outside in the garden and ended up telling mum Sylvia that there is a butterfly on the floor outside and is dead,sylvia went to look and seen it on the ground it was still not moving, at that time she left it there, following day 8th august 2013 she went back outside to see if it was ther, it was in the same place it did not move,so she picked it up laid it on tissue paper took it in her bedroom left it on table and recorded it on her camera, she also said she in the mysterious circle will make attempts to bring it back to life., it was not touched for a week yet everyday she checked it…

12th August 2013 MYsterioUS Circle Update on special work seeing the Dimensions Face to Face [starttext]
the quality of the 2 videos will not be the best, however when mysterious circle do a sitting next time,we hope to get a clearer  one for you to see,though seeing this in person face to face is better. Part 1 video automatically begins.
Part 2 Video:

It is the 12th August 2013 and this is an update on the special work MYsterioUS Circle been working on, now you will be familiar about the special Art that has been coming through on a spiritual level plus on Stephanie and Winston now they are still not completed however the work still continues on them, though the other special work involving the MYsterioUS Circle sittings is also in preparation, it has been a hectic week this week, all what has been seen with the naked eye in the room in low level conditions to help others see other dimensions, spirit, living or dead people and anything material or non material coming through was very hard to get on camera, however …

8th August 2013 MYsterioUS Circle Update on the special work

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it is the 8th August 2013,time for the update,now some times people can question so many things to eliminate other explanations which can be a good thing yet when something happens and it is happening before your eyes and you have eliminated the other possibilities of anything else to cause something to happen you know whether it is or is not happening however there are key points to remember about life how it works and how it operates before you, it has it's own source of producing what it will naturally. to see the unseen whether spirit or other life in  other dimensions, everything has a level to it to either see it or not and even though we have explained this before those who can not see as they struggle to see a spirit some times need help to see with either glasses to get there vision better or something on awakening up the awareness to tune in to see those things we can easily miss around us of any kind. some times a person can re write a word twice b…

MYsterioUS Circle Special Work update 1st August 2013

endofvid [starttext] It is the 1st August 2013,so it is time to talk about the special work mysterious circle are doing,it is still not finished however you can have a sneak peek here at Stephanie, she is special and once she is fully complete it will be worth all the effort, now the other chap is still being worked on, he is not Winston Churchill,yet carries the name Winston,he too is special, you will not see his picture yet however take a quick look at some images of Stephanie,once she is finished it will be something else. you will be wondering what all this is about,all will be revealed in time, take a look below at Stephanie.

Meet Stephanie: