12th August 2013 MYsterioUS Circle Update on special work seeing the Dimensions Face to Face

the quality of the 2 videos will not be the best, however when mysterious circle do a sitting next time,we hope to get a clearer  one for you to see,though seeing this in person face to face is better.
Part 1 video automatically begins.
Part 2 Video:

It is the 12th August 2013 and this is an update on the special work MYsterioUS Circle been working on, now you will be familiar about the special Art that has been coming through on a spiritual level plus on Stephanie and Winston now they are still not completed however the work still continues on them, though the other special work involving the MYsterioUS Circle sittings is also in preparation, it has been a hectic week this week, all what has been seen with the naked eye in the room in low level conditions to help others see other dimensions, spirit, living or dead people and anything material or non material coming through was very hard to get on camera, however today it has been achieved the bedroom over night had to be left as it was to charge with the natural conditions so attempts of filming the activity of phenomena again to help achieve it, what your about to see happens all over the room and getting everything at the same time with one camera had to be quick capturing as much as possible,you will be familiar with the word camera obscura, you may think this is camera obscura, however this is not the same we are working differently to that. The amount of activity coming in was good even different life moving about the room and other scenes from other places to, we eliminate what we are familiar with already and what we are not familiar with in how it comes in,past,present and future can appear. Take a look at the footage and images below.



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