15th August 2013 MYsterioUS Circle Brings a dead Butterfly Back To life

Part1 Video Here:

Part 2 Video: Below

Do you believe in the words miracle and that they can happen? sylvia of mysterious circle has news to share with you, and it is a true genuine one,and god be her witness to what is about to be shared,it has happened and witnesses have seen this happen. On the 7th August 2013 sylvia's kids was playing outside in the garden and ended up telling mum Sylvia that there is a butterfly on the floor outside and is dead,sylvia went to look and seen it on the ground it was still not moving, at that time she left it there, following day 8th august 2013 she went back outside to see if it was ther, it was in the same place it did not move,so she picked it up laid it on tissue paper took it in her bedroom left it on table and recorded it on her camera, she also said she in the mysterious circle will make attempts to bring it back to life., it was not touched for a week yet everyday she checked it was still there, now today is the 15th august 2013, sylvia picked the butterfly up it was still dead and it came to life in her hand and flew as fit as a fiddle,chris helped her catch the butterfly she filmed it in the glass showing it alive and then released the butterfly, watch the main website for the post containing pictures and video of the butterfly dead then coming alive, it will be on line some time today. It is the mst wonderful experience to see something completely dead, and without even resuscitating it artificially how the power of spirit healing can do a lot to bring another soul back to life. we do want to do this again, and hope to achieve it. Take a look at the video's above and look at pictures below:




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