18th August 2013 MYsterioUS Circle Update

Abbey 20th february 2013

It is now the 18th August 2013 early in the morning, just doing a quick update, there will be more experiments on the way, the first is to continue helping the public see spirit and other dimensions etc. face to face, so that is going to continue on, second is working with the static phenomena where it brings visual and possibly sound appearing on Sylvia skin just  like it did on her finger when other dimensions was being shown through and also we want to experiment further with the time travel through building picking up the history,still working further with all special work that includes face to face yet the most newest of all is the bringing the dead back to life, that is a very sensitive subject, this will have to be carefully worked with, and no it is not Frankenstein and no we will not look for dead people. the experiment will be short to see if it happens again and with a dead insect and it will be left for a long time as we found it so we know it is dead then attempt to bring it back to life just as we did with the butterfly, now the question is if it works again, the insect comes back to life, we will be looking further in to this whether to help those who DO NOT WANT TO DIE..TO LIVE, we hope if we can heal those who died of what caused there death, to remove it away ,we will do all we can to try. we do not make promises or guarantee anything, yet anything that is evidential we will share it here.we will always work with the forces of the universe and especially the creator of all things GOD and even Jesus,Angels and spirit, there may be disputes on how the mysterious circles faith is to others, god knows everyone individually and gives life and takes it away, and we do know nature should not be meddled with,however if there is a reason and god is guiding us on a path to do important work and to help people and animals even nature itself, we will do all we can to follow that path with love and light.
soon we will be doing a sitting hopefully this week, if we do the post will be put up on the site.
thank you for taking the time to read this
p.s the power of gods spirit is special for everybody,and his glory shines upon you.
Sylvia Howarth
MYsterioUS Circle



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