21st August 2013 MYsterioUS circle special work continues

17th october 2011 an ET appearing
It is now the 21st August 2013,MYsterioUS Circle are  still continuing on with the special work with spirit,ET and the other dimensions, the visits face to face are getting more regular and the connection is getting stronger, there are days it can appear weaker,however this is a very special connection that goes above all forms of physical mediumship that people are familiar with. there will be people here on earth that will dispute these words of physical mediumship,even though mysterious circle have addressed on many occasions this is not the same as physical mediumship as you know of past physical mediums who sit with ectoplasm, this has evolved in to a greater higher power, all spirit,all other life forms around the universe have no need to be stuck in one place, they all have free will to go on with there own life as they would have in living or even as in death,the spirit never dies, the other dimensions whether of souls connected to your ether or not connected of other lives that are taking on serious different forms even different to your own you will not be familiar with are alive. MYsterioUs circle are very much aware that there will be people here on earth who will want this to be a closed subject not to go any further, yet we are in the process of an even more massive breakthrough in which we will not be talking about as yet till we get the all clear by those who are in  another dimension working hard on what is special and unique and science here on earth are no where close to even understanding yet will one day understand the complexities of time,time travel,how the different worlds in existence whether visible to see or not with the human eye are, yet this is going further in to seeing something under another name we will not disclose yet that is even bigger than things discussed on time and more than you could even imagine,so MYsterioUS circle are going to continue being busy, there have been stress around Sylvia due to people here on earth,not to do with any other spirit or dimension, she is aware of what she needs to do to get past that. So you will be kept updated on the progress coming in from those in  other dimensions and what is to happen next. This is the most precious important crucial time that is not to be missed, it has to continue on.



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