8th August 2013 MYsterioUS Circle Update on the special work

3rd June 2011

it is the 8th August 2013,time for the update,now some times people can question so many things to eliminate other explanations which can be a good thing yet when something happens and it is happening before your eyes and you have eliminated the other possibilities of anything else to cause something to happen you know whether it is or is not happening however there are key points to remember about life how it works and how it operates before you, it has it's own source of producing what it will naturally. to see the unseen whether spirit or other life in  other dimensions, everything has a level to it to either see it or not and even though we have explained this before those who can not see as they struggle to see a spirit some times need help to see with either glasses to get there vision better or something on awakening up the awareness to tune in to see those things we can easily miss around us of any kind. some times a person can re write a word twice being next to each other and there will be people who can spot that word very easy seeing it as a error and others will not detect the double word is there and will assume they are reading one word not double when realisation kicks in that a double word is there the awareness tries to spot that error because some one else pointed it out for them helping them see that word was wrote more than once next to each other, why do you think it happens? some people are more tuned in  than others and are sharp at spotting things, other people maybe not so quick. the same principle is in life in general with everything, you either gel with things or you do not. Today some one had a surprise to see something they had trouble seeing, and once they started seeing it , it went to there head it gave them a buzz of excitement for more, and when it happens like that you never want it to end, and even though a snip clip of spirit and other dimensions can be seen in front of your eyes naturally in the conditions that are correct for both sides, it is a wonderful experience to have and this special work with the other dimensions and spirit and ET will be something you will never forget when you get to experience it when never had before, so watch out for the best update to come in September 2013 as a special friend will be working along side the mysterious circle who will get to see this and other special work and it will all be recorded, the sittings and everything that appears, will be shown here on the site, look forward to the new.
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