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17th September 2013 MYsterioUS Circle Partial De materialization through Vortex and Dimension

endofvid [starttext] It is the 17th September 2013 it has been a while since sylvia has worked the vortex, the mysterious circle has not had regular sittings for a while however has been focused on preparing with the others from dimensions to work with the low light conditions to show different phenomena, life in other places and worlds whether familiar or not it is still a positive connection, as for the evening of the 17th September 2013 the connection around Sylvia and the room was very strong and what began happening to her which shown up strong on the camera is her body parts disappearing in to the other dimensions, some faces appeared through her from other dimensions and other phenomena, her hands changed to another's hand of another species her arms are seen gone or partial gone to the point you see through her or she is partial de materialized, the connection is visible. Whether a person is still or moves around it makes no difference when this type of phenomena happens,…